About Us

We are a group of nerdy-ass artists and graphic designers sit around, playing board games, video games, Dungeons and Dragons, drawing comics and designing t-shirts. We are always looking for passionate artist to join our group.

Meet the Artists

The Beard

Tyler is the creator of The Beard. He is a graphic and web designer. You can find him on The Beard Facebook page or his design portfolio site.


Wen-M is the co-creator and senior artist of The Beard. You can find him on his Facebook or deviantART page.


KZDENG is the comic artist for The Beard. You can checkout his amazing artwork at kzdeng.com.

Chris T.

Chris is the artist for the Mole’s Town Treasure covers. He only likes to draw woman, a complete hentai. Check out his deviantART page.


Furesiya is the comic artist for The Beard. She likes drawing (and collecting) cute, quirky, and sparkly things. Some of which you can find on her deviantArt page .