A half-elf woman stalks a deer silently deep in the forest between the underbrush.  She studies its form in great detail, making note of the slightly smaller left antler.  The half-elf druid’s body begins to shift and transform into the very deer she was following.

Druids connected to nature to a nearly spiritual level.  They worship and protect the natural world like a deity.  When playing a druid keep in mind that keeping harmony between the natural and man-made world is a huge piece of the class.

Druid Features

Druidic – Secret Talk

Druids have access to a top secret language called Druidic.  This language can only be spoken, written, and read by druids.  Druids can scribble this message down on the back of a town sign to warn fellow nature dudes or dudettes that this town may not be welcoming of druids or any other issues.  It could also be used for fun role-play conversations where only the party’s druid (who has terrible charisma and a slight drinking issue) can speak with a group of druids and everything depends on how well the party’s druid can represent the party.  (FYI, it didn’t work out well for the Red Suns, Gar Rhane the human druid with a slight drinking issue apologizes).

Wild Shape – Fly Like an Eagle, Swim Like a Fish, or be a Bear

The Wild Shape ability is truly the standout feature of the druid class.  For a certain amount of time a day and a certain times per day all depending on your character’s druid level, your druid can transform into an animal! This feature can be used in combat scenarios where the druid can transform into an aggressive animal (like a honey badger), fight the baddies for a bit, and then turn back into their normal bodies and cast spells.

At later levels, your druid can transform into stronger and stronger beasts making your nature boy a more viable threat in combat.

Druidic Circles

Circle of the Land

The Circle of the Land subclass allow druids to harness the natural magical properties of one chosen environment each give access to different spells that are tied to the environment.  The spells that are given based off of your environmental choice are always prepared and don’t count against your number of prepared spells for each day which is nice.

These environments are:

  • Arctic
  • Coast
  • Desert
  • Forest
  • Grassland
  • Mountain
  • Swamp
  • Underdark

These druids also can spend a short rest to regain a certain number of spent spell slots, cannot be effected by natural difficult terrain, become immune to poison or diseases, and convince attacking beasts to attack someone else!

Circle of the Moon

This druid subclass option gears itself more towards using the wild shape feature.  Druids who choose this circle can use the wild shape ability has a bonus action rather than a standard action, their attacks in beast form are considered magical, and can gain access to more powerful beasts to transform into such as a brontosaurus or elementals!  How crazy would it be for the party to be in combat with hordes of orcs, and the party’s druid grows into a friggin dinosaur and swings it’s long tail brushing away several orcs.

Racial Choices

When creating your nature loving, granola crunching, hippy druid character, the two stats that are recommended to have the most attention are wisdom seconded by constitution.  The following are races found in the Player’s Handbook that have racial points in one or both of those abilities.

Hill Dwarf

The golden dwarves of the hills can make wonderful druids.  With the dwarves +2 to constitution that all dwarves receive paired with the hill dwarf’s +1 to wisdom make this racial choice a viable one.  Hill dwarves also gain additional hit points beyond the normal level up growth compared to other races which could give a much needed boost to health.

Wood Elf

The wood variety of elves are another solid choice for a druid.  With a +2 to dexterity to boost the druid’s armor class that all elves receive, the wood elf have a +1 to wisdom scores similar to hill dwarves.  One feature that wood elves have that seems akin to the druid class is their Mask of the Wild feature where wood elves can attempt to hid in lightly obscuring plants, a heavy downpour of rain, or even in falling snow which could be role-played into the druid’s connection with nature.

Roleplaying Ideas

The following bullet points are a few ideas for a druid character to use in your own game of Dungeons & Dragons!

  • A vegan druid who constantly passive aggressively looks down on the other party members food choices
  • A druid who feels more at home in their wild shape forms and would rather be a bird than a human
  • A swamp based druid who only wild shapes in different reptiles or amphibians due to thinking that those animals are superior to others.