Fallout 4 is another one of Bethesda’s best glitch-ridden, buggy games that the fandom still loves to death despite all its shortcomings.

The game was released way back in 2015, and since it had over five years to mature and fix the matrix, now seems a good time to revisit Fallout 4 and see if it still corrupts our saved game files.

So, without any further wait, let’s dive into it.


Going back into Fallout 4, years, after finishing it is a unique experience that is hard to describe. The game still has the same fantastic soundtrack from Fallout 3 and playing, “I don’t want to set the world on Fire” as I rummage through the world still feels exemplarily satisfying. Especially during the night, when everything is dark, and Pip-boy’s (Our wrist-worn computer) eerie guiding light is the only thing that is allowing you to find your way through the radioactive wasteland.

Surprisingly, it seems that you can change the color of the game’s heads-up display and Pip-boy’s interface—where your choice also affects Pip-boy’s built-in torch. Using this feature in the game’s option, the player can get rid of the despicable greenlight. And, get the more appealing white light, which is not only softer on the eyes, but also lessens the impact of the jump scares you get during a night stroll through the wasteland.

Speaking of the jump scares, dealing with the rowdy hooligans at the start of the game can be annoying, especially when you don’t have a good weapon. And remembering the beautiful Cryolater held behind the unbreakable glass and a master lock in the Vault 111, is stressful.

But, what if I tell you that, you can actually get the weapon early on. Just after you meet your lovely and unpredictable companion, Dogmeat, lead him back into the vault where the gun is and have him search for items.

Then, you can just sit back and relax as Dogmeat grabs the gun for you, and, for the cherry on the pie, when you trade items with Dogmeat, you can even get the ammo too.


After getting a good gun and modifying their night light, any player in Fallout 4 is ready to jump into the narrative. Story-wise, Fallout 4 is as complex as ever, what started out as a family hunt, plunges the character through a power struggle between several factions. The story is filled with different shades of morals, where making that one right choice, or joining even the seemingly most evil faction can make you feel like a hero of Justice, just with a different ideology than the rest.

Other than that, the game has a whole lot of compelling side quests that can easily make you lose track of the main game. Just going from point A to point B was quite difficult, as the game is densely populated with exciting places, which made focusing on the main story a challenge for a curious mind like mine.

Game Mechanics:

The in-game mechanics in Fallout 4 are extraordinarily diverse, and the amount of personalized, unique weapons you can make in the game will surprise you.

You can name your weapon in the workbench, or design a custom modded gun that suits your play style. The game has some of the best First-person shooter experiences in open-world titles, and with the added VATS, 3rd person shooter feature from the old games, you can do massive damage to any opponent in spite of the gun you might have.

In Conclusion:

Fallout 4 is a still enjoyable, post-apocalyptic shooter that still has the same bugs it had in 2015. Although many glitches were fixed, I was still getting stuck with a Brahmin blocking the way out a building multiple times throughout my gameplay. Just saving and reloading the game fixes this and almost all the glitches in Fallout 4, but I hoped not to see these glitches in 2020. But then again, can a game still be called a Bethesda title if it doesn’t corrupt your game files.

Fallout 4 is still worth checking out in 2020, and with the GOT edition as cheap as ever, this game is worth the price and time you will spend playing it.