Magical energies girls round the young woman as she begins to cite incantations she thought she learned from studying under her wizard tutor.  As her mentor stands from his chair to stop her and demand her to reread the tomes int he library, his eyes grow wide as he looks at the potted plant that is were his student should be.

The sorcerer class is a magic based class where instead of making a deal with a devil, worshipping a god, or studying your ass off in the library, magic just comes natural to them.  Lucky ducks.

Class Features

Font of Magic – Times New Roman Magic Only

Sorcerers at level two are gifted with sorcerers points which have several different uses.  When the sorcerer gains this ability, they start off with two sorcery points and can have up to twenty at later levels, where you’re D&D character essentially becomes a god.  The first use of these sorcery points is to convert them into spell slots or vice versa.

Metamagic – Like Metagaming but Magical

The real bread and butter of the sorcerer class is the metamagic feature. With this feature, sorcerers can twist and control their spells in different ways.  Sorcerers spend their sorcery points to use the meta magic feature to cast their spells a longer distance that usual, extend the duration of a spell, or even cast a spell twice without spending an additional spell slot!

Sorcerous Origins

Draconic Bloodline

Somewhere up hidden in the branches of these sorcerer’s family tree is a dragon.  Plain and simple.  Whether the sorcerer’s granny knew she was married to a dragon may or may not be known, but now the character has cool powers thanks to grandpa Bahamut.  Some of the abilities gained in the draconic bloodline sorcerers origins are having dragon like scales growing out of your skin, scaring the pants off of your enemies by channeling your draconic ancestry, and growing freaking dragon wings!

Wild Magic

I know, I made the draconic bloodline origin a very easy sell for creating your sorcerer for your next Dungeons and Dragons campaign.  But listen, wild magic is the BEST (in my opinion) origin choice!  With this choice, players can choose to have advantage on one attack roll, ability check, or saving throw once per long rest, you can roll a d4 to aid or hurt another creatures attack rolls, saving throws, or ability checks in true chaos form.

But the real reason why this choice is better than having freaking dragon wings is the wild magic surge table.  Whenever the wild magic sorcerer casted a leveled spell, the DM can have that player roll a fast d20, if they roll a 1 then they just roll on the wild magic surge table which is a d100.

For this section I am going to roll a d100 four times to help show the randomness (and therefore hilarity) of this feature.

23- Your skin turns a vibrant shade of blue.  A remove curse spell can end this effect.  Imagine, you are a level two sorcerer who is just trying to fight off a pack o wolves, you cast magic missile to try to end the fray and you turn blue!  Papa Smurf blue!

71- You gain resistance to all damage for the next minute.  Instead of turning into a blue, upset weakling sorcerer, you become Arnold Schwarzenegger in the Terminator!

32- You are transported to the Astral Plane until the end of your next turn.  If your sorcerer has a weak mental state, they may or may not have a full blown panic attack thinking that they died instead of traveling to a different plane of existence.

83- Each creature within 30 feet of you take 1d10 necrotic damage.  You regain hit points equal to the sum of the necrotic damage dealt.  Great, now you’re a vampire, sucking out the life force of your friends.  That’ll go over well.

Racial Options

Charisma and constitution are the two most important abilities for the sorcerer, with charisma edging out constitution being the class’ spell casting ability.  The following races are suggestions found in the Player’s Handbook.


Half-elves, which are the product of elves and humans mating, have a +2 to charisma and can add an additional +1 to two different ability scores.  I suggest popping one into constitution and the second into either intelligence or wisdom.

Half-elves are a fairly common race in majority of Wizards of the Coast published modules so placing a half-elf sorcerer character into the world can be fairly easy.


One of the several outcast race in D&D, tieflings are rumored to be the offspring of demons and humans.  Donning a +1 to intelligence and +2 to charisma, a tiefling with a draconic bloodline sorcerous origin could be a very interesting family tree for your party to uncover.

Role-Playing Ideas

  • A royal born boy who has been studying to be a wizard one to learn that his powers are wild surges that he cannot control.
  • A dragonborn who has just discovered his powers from his ancestral blood and uses his powers to find the one thing he cares the most about, his puppy Laurence.