Class Features

Eldritch Invocations

As your warlock learns more and more about the being that grants them their powers, they learn different arcane abilities.  These abilities do have level prerequisites, an can be changed out as they level up.  Some of these invocations allow warlocks to speak with animals, have a more powerful eldritch blast (the go to cantrip for warlocks), or see in the dark.

Pact Boon

At a level three, the warlock’s patron grants them an additional boon along with all their super cool invocations.  Some of these abilities grant the warlocks a grimoire (heavy metal for spell book) that give the warlock three additional cantrip spells from any class spells list not just warlock’s.  Another boon warlocks have access to is that they are granted a familiar that can take the shape of an imp, a pseudo dragon, a quasit (look them up, super gross alien looking creatures), or a sprite (Tinkerbell but more badass).  The third possibly boon is the ability to summon a melee weapon which can create some awesome role-playing moments, think Fjord’s falchion in Critical Role.

Warlock Patrons

The Archfey

These creatures are the ancestors of the elves and are a more “magical” style of creatures.  When a warlock falls under the service of a fey patron, they will be granted access to spell that other warlocks cannot have such as faerie fire, blink,  or calm emotions.  These warlocks can project an illusion of a fey creature in attempts to frighten or charm a target.  Warlocks of the archway can also teleport up to 60 feet, you know like Nightcrawler the coolest X-man.  (This is a scientifically proven fact not an opinion).

The Fiend

A more spooky/horror choice of patron, the fiend is an evil creature who possible ensnares adventurers into becoming warlocks as a means of fulfilling nefarious deeds.  The warlocks who are connected to a find patron gain access to spells such as burning hands, command, and fireball.  Whenever a warlock of the fiend knocks out a target to zero hit points, they will regain health as a result.

They may also call on their patron to assist in shifting the fates to their benefit, whenever a warlock makes an ability check or saving throw, they can add a d10 to the roll once per short or long rest.  These warlocks may also teleport a target to hell!  Look it up, its a feature call Hurl Through Hell.  Edgelord to the max.

The Great Old One

This group of patrons are higher level deities that may be unaware or indifferent to the warlocks that are connected to them.  I personally like to throw in my games a bit of X-Files flavor and play any of these warlocks gaining their abilities from aliens.

Warlocks of the great old one have access to spells such as detect thoughts, sending, and dominate person.  These warlocks can telepathically communicate with any creature that understands at least one language.  With this feature it doesn’t matter if the warlock and creature they are telepathically communicating with do not speak a common language.

Racial Options

When creating your warlock, the highest score should be charisma which is the spell casting ability score followed by constitution, similar to the sorcerer build.  So my selections for a optimal race choices from the Player’s Handbook will be the same as the sorcerer article.


The offspring of humans and elves, half-elves are bountiful in the fantasy lands of the Sword Coast and other fantasy worlds so placing a half-elf into the world should be relatively easy.  Half-elves have a +2 to their charisma score and can plug in a +1 to two different ability scores, I suggest constitution and possibly strength.


The children of the devil (possibly), tielflings are mistrusted in most populated settings in the Sword Coast.  Now imagine how untrusting the common folk would be if they learn that the horned creature that lives next-door also hears whispers from a demon!  Tielfings, like half-elves, have a +2 to charisma and +1 to their intelligence scores.

Role-Playing Suggestions

  • A warlock who has a deal with a fiendish patron that gives him/her their powers in return, they must sacrifice one soul every week to keep the patron nourished.  Super edge lord.
  • A young half-elf who has been selected to carry the powers of an ancient being with or without the half-elf’s consent.
  • A young warrior who’s patron requests him to find three artifacts so that they patron will be released from it’s prison.  Will the young warlock follow the instructions of his patron?